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  Founded in 1987,  Shanghai Ziyuan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is the first pharmaceutical materials manufacturing factory in Shanghai held by Shanghai No. 1 Biochem. & Pharma.CO.,Ltd.. Our company owns independent manufacturing license for drugs. Registration and production place is located in 749 Guanghua Rd., Zhuanqiao town of Minhang district in Shanghai. Production system has received certificate of GMP certification of State Food and Drug Administration and C-GMP certification of US FDA. Scope of production and business:Dobutamine hydrochloride , ethylenediamine diaceturate, Calcium Dibutyacyladenosine Cyclosphate, Diisopropylamine Dichloroacetate etc.. Dobutamine hydrochloride was certificated by US FDA in 1994 and received reexamination of US FDA in 1996. And in 2003 and 2008 it passed the reexamination of US FDA again. Fosphenytoin Sodium was certificated by US FDA in 2005 and reexamined in 2008 with no 483. Besides, our company's new drug: Chlorothiazide and Naftifine Hydrochloride , was registered in US and exported to US.



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